NFL — 30 December 2012
Eric Dickerson Rejoices After Adrian Peterson Fails to Break His Single-Season Rushing Record

The Vikings Adrian Peterson needed 208 yards entering today to break Erick Dickerson’s single-season NFL rushing record of 2,105 yards. While it was one heck of an effort by Peterson, he came up just nine (nine!) yards short. However, his efforts were enough to propel his team into the playoffs and that’s all that should matter to AP.

But Eric Dickerson on the other hand? He certainly didn’t hide his joy in realizing that his record is safe. Here’s Dickerson’s tweet following the game:

But then, he graciously added:



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  1. What a bitter-man! Eric can join the ’72 Miami Dolphins as the most unsportsmanlike, No-Class players ever who rejoice each time their perfect season record fails to be broken! It doesn’t happen often but to openly HOPE and Cheer against someone or some team, is CLASSLESS!

    Records are MADE to be Broken Eric the not-so-great-now that we see what you are really made of!

    When a Record is broken, we all win because it pushes the NEXT Person to be better and to have something to strive for!

    Can’t get over this. Eric shoulda kept his Tweet shut! Bet he lost a few fans from this!

  2. Can we all say JERK?

  3. The first comment seems a little low class, taking joy in someone else’s failure; and the follow up calling him AP? Come on, we know Dickerson knows his nickname isn’t AP, he had to have been following him at some point in the season. Dickerson should be worried still, Peterson came nine yards short coming off a pretty serious injury.

  4. Eric should consider himself very fortunate that Adrian was held back early in the season,in fact adrian had six games where he carried the football 17 times or less.Next year Dickerson next year

  5. Peterson is great no doubt, however I’d be willing to bet a million bucks he used HGH to get back on the field quicker.

    Also whats the big deal? Dickerson gave Peterson his props. Can’t blame a man for being happy he’s still holds the crown.

    • Markie Mark, do you have anything to back up your HGH accusation, beside you’re probably large, “gut” feeling.

  6. I’m glad that Dickerson held on to the record. You see I’m a die hard RAMS fan and we don’t have much to brag about. If Dickerson had not chosen to go to the (Colts?) he would have probably been the all time rusher in the NFL and gotten a “RING.”

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