NBA — 15 November 2012
NBA Investigating Perkins-Randolph Altercation [Video]

On the surface, the video below seems harmless:

But play the video again and listen to what Zach Randolph says to Kendrick Perkins (as it appears) at the 0:17 mark.

Apparently he meant it because here’s what ensued afterwards

 After the two players were separated, Perkins ran off the court in front of the Thunder bench and into a hallway, where he had another altercation with Randolph outside the postgame interview room next to the Thunder locker room.

The players were separated by Oklahoma City police officers. People in the postgame interview area heard something being slammed against the door.

Perkins wouldn’t discuss it after the game. Zach Randolph downplayed it.

“It wasn’t nothin’. It was a good, tough, hard-fought game. It was competitive, just out there playing, two physical teams that want to win, a lot of emotions flying, so just part of basketball.”

Arena security decided not to take any further action following the incident in the hallway. We’ll see if the league office feels the same way.
Apparently, both local police and the NBA are now investigating. Something tells me this won’t end well or expeditiously.

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