COLLEGE — 14 November 2012
John Calipari Calls Out Duke For Flopping [Video]

John Calipari finally won that elusive national championship for Kentucky last year, and he will start from scratch again this year with a completely different set of guys. The 9th ranked Wildcats fell at the hands of 3rd ranked Duke Tuesday night in a good early season matchup.

But during halftime, ESPN’s Andy Katz asked John Calipari his thoughts on the first half, and Cal gave people even more reason to dislike him. Not necessarily myself. But, just sayin’. I wonder how Coach K feels about this.

This is funny, though:


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  1. After the game Coach K was quoted as saying ” There’s a difference between a flop and a charge. I thought we took some amazing charges and probably could have taken a couple more.” Translation, ‘I thought we could have flopped a little more, actually…’

    Great game, though. Another one for the ages.

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