THE REST — 06 November 2012
HS QB Ejected For Doing Cam Newton Superman TD Celebration

Touchdown celebrations are a part of football. They are engrained in the fabric of the game. The professional game, that is.

The problem with the pros doing their scripted routines is that amateurs often times mimic them. That was the case in North Carolina where a HS quarterback scored a TD, then got his Cam Newton on. Let’s just say he won’t be doing that again.

And by the way, an ejection for this is silly.

West Mecklenburg High School quarterback Jalan McClendon was ejected from a state playoff game on Friday for doing the “Superman” touchdown celebration that Newton does when he scored. And McClendon would have been suspended for two additional games if the referee had called the celebration a form of taunting. Fortunately, the ref said it was an unsportsmanlike act but not taunting, which means he gets an ejection but not a suspension.









[H/T profootballtalk]

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  1. This young man got off very easy . He was very lucky with his referees call.

  2. This was NOT SILLY. Thank Gawd for ref’s who still remember how sports OUGHT to be played. Self glorification is the worst thing in ALL sports – H Bolt, Cam, etc. are the bane of society and exactly what’s wrong with our culture. Billy White Shoes Johnson should have been ejected every time he danced in the end-zone and every clown ever since.

  3. Nothing wrong with this kid celebrating, at all. If it was taunting, I get it but a small gesture showing his emotion after a scoring play is no problem. The only folks who have a problem with minor celebration are the guys who couldn’t score themselves or couldnt stop the other guy from scoring on them. It’s all about fun and as long as he wasn’t taunting the other players it should be, no harm-no foul!

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