NBA — 15 October 2012
T-Wolves’ Kevin Love Injures Elbow While Sleeping

We have certainly heard our share of weird sports injuries over the years. Way too many to list.

However, some that jump out are John Smoltz who allegedly burned himself while ironing a shirt he had on (Smoltz denies this, though). Then there was another baseball player who got frost bite from falling asleep in an ice bath.

Then there’s Kevin Love of the T-Wolves:

The Timberwolves’ two-time All-Star along with starting small forward Andrei Kirilenko missed Saturday’s preseason return to Target Center — an 82-75 victory over the Chicago Bulls — because of a suddenly sore right elbow.

Love didn’t bang it or hyperextend it while playing only the first quarter Friday in Indianapolis. No, he instead slept with his right arm extended off his bed all night Friday and when he awoke Saturday morning, he said he could barely lift a basketball.

“I couldn’t shoot it 10 feet,” he said

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  1. I have a problem with my rotator cuff that was probably caused by the way I slept on it for several years. I can hardly lift my arm. So I can empathize a little bit with Kevin’s problem. Thankfully he has much better access to medical care than I do, so he’ll be able to shoot a basketball long before I’m able to reach a tall shelf….

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