NFL — 23 October 2012
Roger Goodell Considering Doing Away With the Pro Bowl

Of all sports, football lends itself to an all-star game the least. The sport is way too physical for guys to go all out for a meaningless exhibition. Because of this reason, guys have been taking it easy during the games; to the point where it has become unwatchable. About a decade ago or so, it was never at the point where guys were just walking around and not exerting energy, but that was the case in the 2012 game.

Therefore, Roger Goodell is on the verge of doing what Roger Goodell does: making a change. Apparently, he is contemplating doing away with the game all together if play doesn’t improve.

For about a year, I said that an alternative would be just to name guys as Pro Bowlers, but not play the game. But I never thought it would actually come to fruition.

“If we cannot accomplish that kind of standard (of high play), I am inclined to not play it,” Goodell said. “It is really tough to force competition, and after a long season, to ask those guys to go out and play at the same level they played is really tough.”

The league still would select a Pro Bowl team through voting by players, coaches and fans, because it is an honor, but “just not play the game,” he said.

The Pro Bowl will take place in January, a week before the Super Bowl, after the players lobbied to keep it, promising to upgrade their performances. Goodell and others were disappointed in the quality of last year’s Pro Bowl, won 59-41 by the AFC and missing any semblance of hard hitting.

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  1. I agree with the commsh on this point the game is being played with no intesity and there’s always a chance of injury. Perhaps just the knowledgement bye the NFL and a small reward.

  2. The Pro-bowl is a joke..I prefer the comedy channel for that ..Get rid of it..NFL is a business.It took me long to inure it out player is going to risk his future on a meaningless game..As a spectator,I won’t either.

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