NBA — 03 October 2012
NBA Players Can Now Be Suspended For Flopping

This is long overdue.

The NBA has finally cracked down on flopping; something that has compromised the integrity of the game greatly of late.

Far too often, guys received the benefit of the call from the official, simply because the defender missed their calling as an actor. But those days are long gone now.

People upset by this include (to name a few): Derek Fisher, Manu Ginobili, Tony Parker and Blake Griffin.

The person most excited to hear this news: Jeff Van Gundy.

First offense in a season gets you a warning. Second time it is a $5,000 fine. Third time it is $10,000, fourth time $15,000 and if there is a fifth offense in a season the fine is $30,000. Go beyond that and the league has the option to give larger fines or issue suspensions. (This applies only to the regular season, different playoff flopping rules will come later.)

 Did you catch that? You can be suspended for flopping!

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  1. In addition to this a flop should result in a technical, 2 shots for the opposing team plus possession. These guys are too big, athletic & talented to be flopping around as though they’re auditioning for the old WWF at the slightest of contact.

  2. I like the rule but I’m concerned about the ones that may look like a flop but wasn’t a flop. Who will have the final conviction? Flopping used to be just something a player got away with then it became part of the game which ruined alot of games in the final minutes. It got to the point where fans knew who was going to flop. The refs knew too but just let it go.

  3. Hope they establish an anti-flopping rule in soccer next.

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