THE REST — 24 October 2012
Lance Armstrong Removes “Tour de France Winner” From Twitter Bio [Pic]

In less than a week, Lance Armstrong was dropped by Nike, stepped down from his post as Chairman of his Livestrong foundation and was stripped of his seven Tour de France titles. Lost in all of this is the fact that he still maintains his innocence.

It’s a tough situation because he has raised hundreds of millions of dollars for cancer research. Oh yeah, and he allegedly cheated in bicycle races. Which should matter more?  Not to mention that he did it in quite possibly the dirtiest sport of them all: cycling.

Armstrong removed “7-time Tour de France winner” from his Twitter bio in the wake of all of this. Is that an admission of guilt?

(And is it me or does he look a lot like Skip Bayless here?)

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  1. This is sad, Lance Armstrong didn’t start out even… And what is a world class athelete supposed to do other than inhance his performance. I’m pretty sure Atheletes go to train at high altitudes to achieve the same result.

    Lance is a hero Nike, Wake up and smell the coffee…You should bill hinm that way.

    William Michael Martinez

  2. Lance will always be a 7-time tour winner in my eyes! How can ya just vacate those wins & not elevate the next riders up to replace the void at the top? Guess nobody wins because they ALL CHEATED! He was still the best of the rest!

  3. What a complete bunch of retards all the tests that Lance had done that showed no sign that he cheated and now all of a sudden his titles are stripped away because of the morons that run the doping agency.Has anyone tested them to see if they are not on any form of drugs cause they sure seem to be out of this world with their findings. Give the man a break you can not fight the system that make the rules cause you will always lose they do not want to admit they are wrong cause that would look bad for them. Just saying all his tests were negative so give him what he deserves his titles and his pride back.

  4. This breaks my heart. Lance Armstrong has been a worldwide standout — a dedicated fighter who beat cancer, gave hope to millions of others to fight it, too, and repeatedly and successfully reach the premier cycling award.

  5. we need to catch athletes during their racing years not many years later. what is the point. no one awarded the tours now would get any satisfaction for being handed the win now.what of the teams he was on . do we eradicate all accomplishments of everyone. sorry george. we have no idea wether even the great eddie got his wins legit. do we go after him too??

  6. Lance never tested positive for any drug test. So either he’s innocent and he won 7 titles, or we can believe that everyone was doing it, and he still won. Lance is the 7 time winner either way.

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