MLB — 07 October 2012
Jeffrey Maier Staying Away From Yankees, Orioles Series This Time

Jeffrey Maier is one of the most accidentally famous sports fans around (Steve Bartman notwithstanding). As you’ll recall, he was the 12-year old who interfered with a Derek Jeter fly ball in Game 1 of the 1996 ALCS between the Yankees and Orioles, which was incorrectly ruled a home run. He reached into the field of play, so it should not have been a HR. And I don’t care what Tony Tarasco (the outfielder camped under the fly ball) says. He would not have made that catch. It would have bounced off the top of the wall and back in to the field of play. But, I digress.

Either way, O’s fans don’t have to worry about Maier this time around as New York and Baltimore get set to face off in the playoffs for the first time since 1996. Maier, now 28, says he will not attend the series:

“Tell them I am going to watch it sitting in my living room over the fireplace on a Samsung,” Maier told The Post from his southern New Hamphsire home Saturday night.













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  1. We’ll never know if the ball would have been caught or if it would have bounced off the wall. What we do know for sure is that a 12 year old boy, being 12 years old, reached into the field of play and caught the ball. The extra umpire, assigned to that part of the outfield, missed it and an incorrect home run call was made. A mistake the umpire admitted. What might have happened if the interference had not occurred is mere speculation.

  2. It all was simply a part of the charmed life referred to as Derek Jeter.

  3. Would it have been a home run if it bounced back into the field of play?

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