COLLEGE — 05 October 2012
Harrison Twins Choose Kentucky [Video Highlights]

The rich get richer.

The final piece of the 2013 recruiting class has come to an end. Twins Andrew and Aaron Harrison of Texas have decided to play college ball at Kentucky rather than Maryland or SMU. Why Maryland or SMU were on their list is beyond me, but I digress.

Kentucky went from unranked in recruiting for 2013 to #1, just like that.

If Calipari can convince Nerlens Noel (assuming he’s as good as advertised, which certainly isn’t always the case) to return to Kentucky for his sophomore season, the Wildcats will have a crazy frontcourt-backcourt balance. The twins aren’t blindingly quick, but appear to have good fundamentals.

I wonder if the Drake experiment played a role.

In case you’re not familiar with the twins, here you go:



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  1. “Whatever” Cheer up, boss. Uconn still has an outside shot at Jabari Parker. Outside, like half court….

    But thats just the beginning for UK’s 13-14 class.

    After they sign Julius Randle, James Young, Aaron Gordon and Andrew Wiggins after he reclassifies, then it will be done. As in; its a wrap.

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