NBA — 30 October 2012
Civil Rights Advocate Thinks the Timberwolves are Too White on Purpose

Unless you’re living under a rock, or you refuse to face reality, you’ve noticed that the NBA has been predominantly black for quite some time now. In fact, it’s roughly 78% black. Therefore, along those same lines, you’ll find that most teams have mostly black, or all black rosters. In fact, when a team has more than a couple of white guys on the court at the same time, it can become noticeable. That’s certainly not a bad thing, but just noticeable. Personally, I don’t care if you’re green. I’m a basketball junkie and it begins and ends there for me.

But it doesn’t begin and end there for some civil rights advocates. Believe it or not, the Minnesota Timberwolves only have five black players, with Brandon Roy being the only black starter. That’s astonishing. There isn’t a problem with. But it’s just astonishing based on the fact that the League is 78% black. Was this all the plan on T’Wolves GM, David Kahn?

But Ron Edwards, a local civil rights advocate said “I think, personally, that it was calculated. Is this an attempt to get fans back in the stands? Minnesota, after all, is a pretty white state.”


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  1. Not saying there isn’t some alterior motive. But if the plan is to get fans in the stands, the formula would be to field the most successful team. Not the most pale…

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