LIFESTYLE — 31 October 2012
Amar’e Stoudemire’s Range Rover Destroyed by Hurricane Sandy [Pic]

Hurricane Sandy came through and destroyed the East Coast, fromt the Northeast to the Mid-Atlantic. Both college and professional games may be postponed as a result of the aftermath.

Either way, New York Knicks’ Amar’e Stoudemire will need a new way to get around for the time being.

But strangely, he’s smiling. That’s the, “I’ll pick up another one tomorrow on the way home from work” smile.

From his instagram:


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  1. Why not smile? He has $100 million to play with and didn’t have to do nothing to earn it.

  2. Big deal. Like he can’t go out and buy a 1000 more of these? And why is it Black people love the RR? You rarely see them in any other type of SUV! If you see a RR on the road, check and see if I ain’t right!

    • The same can be said about white people and VW Jettas too, no?

  3. Where the hell did he park his car? Underground parking? smart. Kills me because what are you going to buy with 100 mill? And you know he won’t spend any of that money to help other people in need. Or he’ll donate $50,000. What is that all you could afford to give away? waste. These contracts are ludacris. There is no way anyone can spend 100 mill worth of goods in one lifetime. Should donate 2 mill at least to charity each year. Buy someone a house, a range rover, help a community out family to family. Athletes spend $500,000 on a car and that could be a house and a car to someone. Sorry for the rant, but that smirk unleashed something.

  4. WHAT!??!?!? White people and Jettas? Black folks and Range Rovers? You can’t be serious…”Take it from a man who used to rhyme in busted ass Jettas” Q-Tip

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