MLB — 12 October 2012
Alex Rodriguez Not in Yankees Linuep For Tonight’s Decisive Game 5

After what happened in game 3, this was bound to take place.

Yankees manager Joe Girardi has pulled Alex Rodriguez from tonight’s lineup for game 5 versus the Orioles in the ALDS. A-Rod can’t get out of his own way these days and constantly gets booed by the home crowd.

It’s all mental with A-Rod because he’s still plenty talented. But if New York survives tonight, Girardi may as well sit A-Rod the rest of the postseason because he’ll officially be shot mentally.


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  1. A-Rod being benched ‘should’ be passe. There’s probably nobody on the Yanks that can’t be benched except for maybe Cano and Jeter. Everyone else has had tremendous slumps and A-Rod is no exception, and they did just as well without him when he was injured. I can’t help but blame management as well on this long term contract when play is ebbing and there is 5 years left. Nobody ever should be given that, ever! i am sure because of A-Rod’s celebrity status that he will always have the limelight on him and there’s not much going to change it, unless they trade him like Boston did with their headaches. I disagree with a few comments as i think A-Rod is a very, very good fielder and he has good bat instincts and can be aggressive. His swing mechanics are horrible as he leg kicks and gets caught in-between and swinging late so much that he ends up lunging at the ball and with his one-armed swing, spells disaster. His numbers are so far off for a cleanup hitter that the Yanks better address it, or their going to be in the doldrums in the future, for sure. Swish has better numbers than most people think as he gets on base just about as much as Cano or Jeter, and has some good power numbers, and is a great team player with his great spirit of enthusiam about his play and others. Granderson needs to swing better by not wrist-onlying the ball so much as he loses sight of the pitch too easily by not having the bat meet the ball with a more conventional arm-wrist swing. i like this Dickerson as well, and has done nothing wrong and has hit very consistently on his call up. ibanez is a little bit of an enigma as he can slump with the best, but when he decides to be aggressive on the first pitch with body and bat, he just is unstoppable. He just has to keep doing that instead of reverting back when he hits his homers like he’s doing now. Anyway, my two cents. And my kudos to Girardi for going with his gut on this, and of course condolences to his Dad passing. We’re with ya Joe.!

  2. Have you seen this months PLAYBOY? AROD is Miss October……………….

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