NFL — 18 September 2012
Vilma’s Lawyer Suggests NFL Told Gregg Williams to Lie in Affidavit [Audio]

Yesterday, Jonathan Vilma met with the NFL to take steps towards hashing out particulars of his suspension, even though it was overturned. During that meeting, Vilma’s camp was presented with a sword affidavit by former Saints defensive coordinator, Gregg Williams, where he alleges Vilma put up $10,000, prior to the 2010 NFC Championship Game, for anyone who knocked then Vikings QB Brett Favre out of the game. Naturally, Vilma denies this. In fact, Vilma and his lawyer think they know what Williams is allegedly lying.

Earlier today, Vilma’s lawyer, Peter Ginsberg, was a guest on ESPN’s Mike and Mike in the Morning to shed some more light on what did or did not transpire in that meeting. It was a lengthy, but informative and interesting interview to say the least.

However, of most note to me was what you will hear at the 8:02 mark. Ginsberg says, “person after person close to [Gregg] Williams have told me directly that Williams is petrified that if he doesn’t do what Mr. [Roger] Goodell requires him to do, he’ll never get back to coaching.” He is implying that Williams is doing whatever Goodell/the NFL asks.

Directly following that, Mike Greenberg astutely picks up that is sounds like Ginsberg is suggesting that the NFL has influenced Williams’ decision, which is what I was thinking when I listened to the interview live this morning. If that is in fact the case, this goes much further than just a mere football issue because that’s one heck of an accusation.

Vilma also tweeted the following:

Personally, I think Vilma should refrain from tweeting about this stuff for his own good.

This may get a lot uglier before it gets better.

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