NFL — 19 September 2012
Redskins’ Josh Morgan Doesn’t Care About Your Twitter Death Threats

On Sunday, the Redskins were trailing the Rams 31-28 late in the game as Robert Griffin III had the offense marching down the field. They were approaching FG range when Griffin connected with WR Josh Morgan on a short pass.

That’s when Courtland Finnegan did what Courtland Finnegan does. He purposely walked over/bumped Morgan enough to where he got under his skin (it had been going on all game long).

Frustrated, Morgan retaliated by throwing the ball at Finnegan (which is what Finnegan wanted) and it earned the Redskins an unsportsmanlike conduct penalty and took them out of FG range, even though they still attempted it. The Redskins ultimately lost and Josh Morgan was D.C. public enemy #1 on Twitter. Oh yeah, and he’s from D.C.

A good many of Skins fans have been calling for Morgan to be released and he received death threats on Twitter that night. But Morgan doesn’t care for your death threats.

From the Washington Post

Morgan says the only thing he takes seriously “is football and my family and nothing really scares me. I’m from D.C.”

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  1. morgan is not scared because the redskins will give him protection. he better not take those threats lightly.i’m from d.c. doesn’t scare any one. so he better wise up. also garcon is t5he big threat in the offense, they can get rid of him and put someone else with no problem.

  2. morgan take them serious a lot of people put money on those games. and you my friend do not and i repeat DO NOT scare anyone. plus mike is correct, the skins security will protect you. so dont think you are foolng anyone with you saying your not scared. because that ass will get kicked when you least expect it.

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