NFL — 26 September 2012
NFL Fines Bill Belichick $50,000 For Grabbing Ref

By now, you’ve seen the video of Bill Belichick grabbing an official at the conclusion of Sunday Night Football.

Well, the NFL has cracked down as has fined him $50,000.

Good. He deserved it. Say what you will about Roger Goodell, but he doesn’t play favorites at all when it comes to punishment.

Belichick was notified that he was fined for “impermissible physical contact with an official” when he grabbed the arm of an official on the way off the field after the Ravens had kicked a game-winning field goal.

The fine was not announced until after Belichick’s press conference with reporters at Gillette Stadium. When asked about the possibility of a fine at that press conference, Belichick said, he’ll “respect” whatever decision the league makes in terms of discipline. He declined any further comment.


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