NFL — 02 September 2012
Maurice Jones-Drew Ends Holdout

The Jacksonville Jaguars’ all-everything running back, Maurice Jones-Drew hasn’t stepped foot on a football field so far this season because he has been a hold out. He believes that he should be rewarded more handsomely than he already is, for the services he’s contributed to the club.

While he has pretty much been the entire offense for them for some time now, I agree with Jacksonville for not blinking and refusing to give him more money. The team has won this game of chicken since MJD has decided to end his holdout and report to camp. Someone must’ve reminded him that he’s 27 years old and only has 2 good years left.

I expect a horrible year from him this year because he’s probably criminally out of shape. So, not only will he get the money he wanted (and will not start week 1), but this will probably begin the decline in productivity for him.

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