THE REST — 09 September 2012
CBS Didn’t Allow Serena Williams to Finish Her U.S. Open Victory Speech

Serena Williams hasn’t been the favorite athlete of many lately. It probably began with her crip walk at the Olympics. Then continued when she told us she doesn’t want to talk about it anymore. But if you put all of that aside and just focus on her play, I defy you to make a legit argument stating she isn’t arguably the best womens tennis player of all time.

She is having a tremendous year. After winning Wimbledon, gold at the olympics in singles and doubles (with her sister, Venus), she just won the U.S. Open today as well.

Following her victory today over Victoria Azarenka, her speech was apparently cut short by CBS. This match should’ve taken place yesterday, but was delayed to Sunday because of rain. The match ran into the 7 pm ET time slow, occupied by 60 Minutes on Sunday nights. Therefore, as USA Today explains, they had to rush Serena along.

More drama for Serena.

Because of the overrun, CBS appeared to rush through the trophy presentation.

The network aired a brief interview between Serena and Mary Carillo, then showed Serena receiving her trophy and $1.9 million winner’s check. Serena wasn’t interested in the money, nor in the congratulatory words delivered by the check’s presenter.

“Do I get to say anything else?,” Serena asked Carillo while she was handed the check.

“One second,” Carillo lied.

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