NBA — 26 September 2012
Brooklyn Nets Cheerlearder Outfits are…Interesting [Photo]

Here at TKBP, we’re all behind what Jay-Z has done for the look and feel of the Brooklyn Nets. The team has become cool by association.

But we’re not sure if he’s behind the design of the cheerleaders’ outfits. Some of them look like female Halloween pirate costumes.

And why aren’t they smiling?

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  1. Either female pirate Halloween costumes, extras from the movie Beetljuice, or a dance team from some ghetto spoof movie (complete with token white girl)…

  2. Why does Gay Z have any money? Worse rapper in history..not to mention dog ass ugly…ugly ass cheerleader outfits dont surprise me either coming from Gay Z..Beyonce must have vision problems sleeping next to him. think she uses his lips as a pillow?

  3. Wow…worst rapper in history? Thats a bit rough, you ever listened to Drake or 2Chainz?

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