THE REST — 06 August 2012
Usain Bolt Defends Gold in 100-meter, Sets Olympic Record with 9.63 [Video]

To me, the men’s 100-meter Final is THE event of the Olympics. If you were to ask me to name the first event that comes to mind, there’s no doubt that this is it.

Coming in to this event, there were many who thought that young Yohan Blake would challenge fellow countryman, Usain Bolt for the gold. Blake recently defeated Bolt in the Olympic qualifier in Jamaica in the 100 and 200 meter dashes just a few weeks ago.

Despite that, there was little doubt in my mind that any human being on the planet could give Bolt a run for his money in this event in the Olympics. Prior to the race, I said that Bolt would finish first by a length, followed by Blake. And that’s exactly what happend. Bolt has a tendency to slow down at the end of races, but I was glad to see him run through, en route to an Olympic record of 9.63, while defending his title on the eve of Jamaica’s 50th birthday.

Blake finished second and Justin Gatlin from the U.S. earned the bronze. Since I’m of Jamaican heritage, I’d be remiss if I didn’t “big up” Jamaica in this post. And I fully expect a 29-year old Bolt to win Gold in this event again in 2016 in Brazil.


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