LIFESTYLE — 07 August 2012
Unemployed Plaxico Burress Owes $59K in Back Taxes

I’ll be perfectly honest: I was surprised last summer when Plaxico Burress was able to find work. More specifically, that he was able to find work after being in incarcerated for two years and without running a single route for the Jets before they threw $3 million at him.

He’s not having the same luck this time around. Time is running out as the season is just a few weeks away. And it sounds like Plax could really use the money

Plaxico Burress is struggling to find work in the NFL this offseason, which makes this recent development even more of a blow to the wide receiver. Burress, who is currently a free agent, has had a tax lien filed against him in New York for $59,241, according to TMZ. The document states that Burress, who played for the Jets last season, didn’t pay all of his income tax in 2007, the year he helped lead the Giants to a Super Bowl victory. At the time, Burress was in the midst of a six-year, $25 million contract. However, he would eventually spend time behind bars for a gun charge after playing 10 games in 2008, forcing him to miss two full seasons. The 34-year-old must now pay the dough he owes, or else his assets will be seized by the state. Suddenly, a job seems that much more important.

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