THE REST — 26 August 2012
Serena Williams is Tired of Being Asked About Her Doing the Crip Walk [Video]

When Serena Williams broke out the crip walk after winning gold at the Olympics, my immediate reaction was a chuckle. But then I thought about it for a second and came to the realization that she would have to answer questions, based on the origins of the dance.

We’re nearly a month removed from that, and people are still asking Serena about it. Understandably, she’s tired of being asked and I can’t blame her. I don’t think it’s as big a deal as it has been made out to be. The dance is so mainstream that if Justin Beiber did it in a video, many wouldn’t bat an eye. That doesn’t excuse Serena, however, because there’s a time and place for everything. And that was neither the time, nor place.

Fast forward to the 4:25 mark:

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  1. Serena said in the interview that ” it was just dance i didn’t know that what it was called,”. She did crip walk better than Snoop Dog. There is no way she thought it was just a dance and didn’t know what it was called. She’s from Compton, she knows exactly what the dance is called and what it represents. At first I thought it was not big deal. Now seeing her lie in this interview, I can see she knows what she did was wrong.

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