NFL — 13 August 2012
Nnamdi Asomugha Carted Off the Field During Eagles Practice

First, it was Michael Vick getting hurt in the first preseason game, and now we get word that Nnamdi Asomugha was carted off the field during Eagles practice. This isn’t shaping up well for The Dream Team 2.0. Let’s hope Nnamdi is ok.

Philadelphia Eagles cornerback Nnamdi Asomugha was carted off the field during team practice after he collided mid-air with safety Nate Allen at training camp in Bethlehem, Pa. on Monday afternoon, according to Jeff McClane of

Asomugha laid face down on the ground with little to no movement for close to five minutes before he finally rose to one knee. The cornerback then slowly stood, was helped to a cart and driven inside.

Asomugha reportedly had blood on his shirt and held his head in his hands as he was carted off the field. If it turns out to be a concussion, it will be his second head injury since December, when he was hit in a game against the Seattle Seahawks.

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