NFL — 17 August 2012
NFL Preview 2012: Tampa Bay Buccaneers

By Dave Cuthbertson


After a down year for the Bucs, this team is poised to bounce back. Head coach Greg Schiano seems like a surprise pick but he has a way of getting players behind his back and the momentum shift in Tampa Bay is the first sign. This team is full of young talent, including Josh Freeman, LeGarrette Blount and Mike Williams.  Bringing in rookie safety Mark Barron was a huge move for the team as he was arguably one of the top talents in the draft.


The Bucs had the weakest non-playoff team in the NFL finishing 30th overall giving up just under 400 yards a game. Mark Barron and Schiano should help improve that daunting figure, but they do not have an offense comparable to the two teams who finished worse with the worst two defenses (Packers and Patriots). They also face a rough schedule in a tough division. The Panthers are on the upswing and the Falcons are in a make or break year and the Saints are one of the biggest wild cards around. Fortunately, they will face the AFC West but the problem for the Bucs is the AFC West’s strength (offense) is a huge weakness for the Bucs. It should be a better year, but not by much.

2012 predictions:

Best case scenario: 8-8

Worst case scenario: 6-10


– By Dave Cuthbertson. Follow Dave on Twitter: @DaveSportsGuru


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