NBA — 27 August 2012
LeBron on Skip Bayless: He’s “Great for TV”

Skip Bayless is good at what he does. In his line of work, it is imperative to elicit a response. If viewers are neutral in their feelings towards you, you’re not compelling enough, and pretty much everyone has an opinion on Skip. Now, I don’t necessarily agree with his views, but that’s besides the point.

He has been very hard on LeBron James and has even been disrespectful in some of his criticism of James. He makes it personal, which I don’t understand. For example, he has said “LeBron is 26, but looks 36 and acts 16”, on several occasions. I’m not sure that’s necessary.

And despite LeBron playing out of his mind and leading the Heat to a championship, Skip really hasn’t let up much.

Yesterday on Twitter, a fan asked LeBron for his thoughts on Skip and here is LeBron’s response (in the parenthesis):


That was well played by LeBron. He shouldn’t give Skip anymore than that.

Naturally, Skip commented:


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