LIFESTYLE — 13 August 2012
Kobe and Melo Party with Nas and Swizz Beats After Gold Medal Game [Pic]

Following Team USA’s win over Spain on Sunday to capture gold, Kobe Bryant and Carmelo Anthony met up with Nas and Swizz Beats at some posh London club. Let’s just hope Kobe kept his shirt on this time. Literally.













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  1. Didn’t Nas just make a song stating this was not the image he wanted to portray to his daughter.

  2. Jus stopped in 2 say it’s 2 bad that u have to be in the spotlight 2 get Nas’s attention, because there’s a woman out here who admires his “mind set” & would love to take him out one night to kick it. Coulda been a celeb, but all the fake love & invasion of my personal life doesn’t attract me. There are other ways of achieving “the good life” & still be free. I’m living proof…..shot out 2 the only “spotlight man” (lol) I would even consider giving the time of day. Take care Nas.

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