NFL — 30 August 2012
Chris Cooley Would Play for Rival Cowboys if the Money Was Right [Audio]

Earleir in the week when the beloved Chris Cooley was released by the Washington Redskins, it didn’t go over well with the faithful. While most understood the move from a personnel standpoint, the fact that he was released eight days prior to the start of the season was thought to be unfair. “He deserved better” was the common theme.

In his goodbye press conference, a tearful Cooley said it would be tough for him to play for another team, and no doubt means that. But he was recently asked if he would play for the rival Cowboys, to which he responded, “I don’t think so, but people do a lot of things for money.” While I’m sure it wouldn’t be ideal for him, he realizes this is a business and has to do what he has to do.

Hear it for yourself at the 5:20 mark:

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