NBA — 16 August 2012
Charles Oakley Doesn’t Think Melo and Amar’e Make Their Teammates Better

Charles Oakley is one of the most beloved New York Knicks ever. That’s inarguable. His hustle and grit emobdied what being a Knicks was, and still is, all about.

But how will this go over with Knicks faithful? While Oakley thinks highly of the current Knicks roster, he doesn’t think that the teams two biggest stars, Carmelo Anthony and Amar’e Stourdemire, make their teammates better.

“I think the problem with the Knicks is that their best two guys don’t make the people around them better. You see it with the Miami’s, the Oklahoma City’s, the Bulls, their top guys make others better. If that’s the case, I’m going to make sure that my top two guys have the ball at all times.”


I think the “make his teammates better” argument gets convoluted these days. If you’re a good team, you automatically assume the star makes his teammates better, even if that’s not the case. The same is true in reverse: if a team is struggling, you assume the star players aren’t doing enough.

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  1. I don’t think Oakley is knocking Melo and Amare. He’s just stating the facts your. The knicks Best two players are their best two scorers. Thats Melo and Amare’s job is too get buckets. Well maybe they should think about defense from time to time but that a completely different issue. Melo might be the best scorer in the league, its not his job to share the ball. Its other people job to get it to him the rock. Maybe the defense thing is not a completely different issue because thats where Oakley might be coming from. Melo and Amare could try alittle harder on defense to get their teammate better.

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