THE REST — 20 August 2012
Augusta National Adds First Two Female Members: Condoleezza Rice, Darla Moore

This is only right. I mean, it is 2012 after all.

From Huffington Post

For the first time in its 80-year history, Augusta National Golf Club has female members.

The home of the Masters, under increasing criticism the last decade because of its all-male membership, invited former Secretary of State Condoleezza Rice and South Carolina financier Darla Moore to become the first women in green jackets when the club opens for a new season in October.

Both women accepted.

“This is a joyous occasion,” Augusta National chairman Billy Payne said Monday.


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  1. What about the women who have been protesting for years to get in. Why weren’t giving a membership? . Lets be serious here, the only reason Augusta opened its door to women is because they were losing money because of sponsers with drawing. Its not Augusta getting more open minded here, their just looking for sponsers to open back up their pockets.

    • Regardless of the reason why, it’s 2012. It’s time. Sad that it went this long. I don’t understand what the big deal is.

      • Your is 2010 and this should of happen along time ago. But it is a very big issue because if Augusta never faced the issue of losing money from there sponser they would never of openned their doors too women. I wonder how much long they would of held out if they did not get hit in the wallet.

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