NFL — 13 July 2012
2012 Pre-camp Preview: Indianapolis Colts

By Dave Cuthbertson

The Indianapolis Colts finished last year with the league’s worst record of 2-14 and had no quarterback. Below are their key stats and rankings.


Passing Yards: 27th

Rushing Yards: 26th

Passing Yards allowed: 15th

Rushing Yards allowed: 29th



The Colts have the most highly touted rookie quarterback the NFL has seen in decades. Even with the Elway comparisons, he did not win a title until the end of his career. The incumbent Peyton Manning watched a Super Bowl in the stadium he built, but is now the house of Andrew Luck. The Stanford prodigy played well even without his head coach, Jim Harbaugh who took the 49ers to the NFC Title game.

Jim Irsay’s 2012 offseason was the most glaring example of “cleaning house” in recent memory – which is understandable. After winning Super Bowl XLI, and the departure of Tony Dungy, the Colts became reactive about the future, until Peyton went down.

As such, they’ve retooled the entire team with new GM Ryan Grigson and head coach Chuck Pagano. The reason the Colts will win is simply because they cannot be as bad as they were last year and Coby Fleener from Stanford is there. The Patriots have proven that a tight end dominant package will be successful in the NFL.

Tom Brady has Wes Welker, Brees has Colston, Rodgers has Jennings, and now Luck has Fleener. All the elite QB’s have a go to WR and the Colts have done a good job surrounding him with talent.



The leaders on this team are young. It’s a brand new coaching staff and a new QB. We saw a string of success with the Jets, Ravens, Falcons and even the Panthers (to a certain extent) out of the gate with new leaders. Yet none of them have really taken the next step. So as the Colts enter their first year, should expect to win at few more games, but this team is a true rebuilding project, but the entire franchise – from top to bottom – is on the right page. That is why they will lose their first year, and lose big. It’s all part of the plan.

2012 prediction:  5 – 11

– By Dave Cuthbertson. Follow Dave on Twitter: @DaveSportsGuru 

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