LIFESTYLE — 20 May 2012
Russell Westbrook Strikes Again in the Post-Game Presser [Photo]

A few days ago, Russell Westbrook caused a stir with his post-game attire. It even caused Barkley and the TNT camera crew to jump on board. Then tonight, after OKC defeated the Lakers, Russell was at it again in the post-game presser. But I’m starting to think that he likes the fact that so many people are talking about his what he’s wearing. Any news is good news and it’s keeping his name swirling around. Because there’s no possible way he thinks this looks good. It looks like he went paintballing right after the game. And I don’t think his glasses have any actual glass in them either. But do your thing, Russ.





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  1. Looks like dude is borrowing gear from Lil Wayne, and Wayne is like 5’6″…Devito.

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