MLB — 12 May 2012
Nationals’ Bryce Harper Hits Himself in Face With Bat, Needs Stitches

Since being called up, Bryce Harper has taken the Big Leagues by storm for the NL East division leading Washington Nationals. So much so, that the Phillies’ Cole Hamels threw at Harper, purely out of anger of all the attention Harper has received.

But last night, Harper had a rare tough night at the plate. He went 0-5 and was understandably frustrated. Here are the details from Yahoo!,

In his fourth at-bat, in the top of the 7th, Harper grounded out. Frustrated, he headed down the tunnel toward the clubhouse, and took out his frustrations by taking a big swing of his bat directly into a wall of the tunnel. The bat ricocheted off the wall, smashing Harper in the head, drawing blood next to his left eye. Harper toughed it out, reappearing in the field in the bottom of the 7th, but with blood clearly streaking down his face.

  This was all helpfully described postgame by Davey Johnson, who had no problem with the incident. “‘That’s what baseball players do — break bats, throw helmets in the runway,” Johnson said. “It’s an easy way to get rid of your frustrations.” That may be true, but there is a downside. Harper was expected to need stitches and miss a few games, casting a bit of a shadow on an otherwise satisfying 7-3 win.

I would really love to post a video of the incident, but MLB doesn’t allow their videos to roam the internet. One of my qualms with baseball, because it would really help their sport if they did so, but I digress.

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