LIFESTYLE — 28 May 2012
Metta World Peace Wishes Us Happy Labor Day on Memorial Day, Then Blames it On Being Hungover

Sure, it’s easy to simply proclaim, “Ron’s just trying to be funny.” But, it’s Ron Artest. That means this was genuine. Here’s what he tweeted out today…on Memorial Day:



Apparently, his mentions on Twitter blew up with people letting him know he had the wrong day (in a not so nice way), so then he tweeted this:


Hey , it’s not Labor Day.. Enough.. I partied like three rockstars yesterday…. Woke so twisted I thought I was labor day..Mistake.move on



Ignorance is bliss. Bliss, I tell you.


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  1. Artest is one blissful mofo…

    • Indeed. He’s a rare bird.

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