NBA — 10 May 2012
Blake Griffin and Chris Paul Injured, Grizzlies Fans Boo [Video]

If you remember, Blake Griffin missed his entire rookie season a few years ago due to a left knee injury, but to his credit, he hasn’t missed a game since. Last night in game 5 against the Grizzlies, Blake came down awkwardly on that knee and stayed on the ground for a while. He eventually was able walk off under his own power. But because he’s been labeled a flopper lately, Grizz fans probably thought he was faking due to the fact he walked off by himself. Take a listen as they boo him off the court. Apparently, they weren’t buying it. Chris Webber said it best: “classless”.

However, Blake returned to the game after being diagnosed with a hyperflexed left knee. I’m not going to call Blake a liar because if you’ve hyperextended your knee before, you’ll know that it hurts initially, but then you can run on it not too long after. Oh yeah, Chris Paul suffered a groin injury too.


Both guys should be ready for Game 6.

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