NFL — 28 April 2012
Russell Wilson’s Wife Reacts to Draft Phone Call From Seahawks [Photos]

Whenever a player is not at the draft, and is home with family when he gets that call from his new team, is usually one of the most genuine moments in sports. You are able to see the initial unfiltered reaction to this big news. When guys are at the draft, it’s anti-climatic because they know their name will be called early.

The former was the case with Wisconsin QB, Russell Wilson. I like Wilson’s game alot and think he could surprise some people in the NFL if afforded the opportunity to start. If you remember, he was an early season Heisman candidate. He received the phone call from the Seattle Seahawks while at home with family, with his wife right next to him, that they would be taking him in the 3rd round. The reaction of his wife is priceless.






[photos: SBnation]

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