NBA — 27 April 2012
Pippen Thinks LeBron Will Pass Jordan in Scoring

He’s not lying. When it’s all said and done, I think both LeBron James and Kevin Durant will pass Michael Jordan on the NBA’s all-time scoring list. I mean, think about it: Durant only played one year of college ball and LeBron played zero years. Therefore, they already got a head start on MJ (who played 3 years at UNC). Despite coming into the League so young, neither KD or LeBron have averaged less than 20ppg for an entire season. And, oh yeah, neither guy took time off to play baseball.

Scottie saying that LeBron will pass MJ in scoring really isn’t that outlandish. But it comes just a year after he said LeBron is a better player than Jordan (before he backtracked due to the backlash), and we all know how that ended. Scottie probably should not have said this, but again, it’s obviously true.

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