COLLEGE — 11 April 2012
Petrino Phone Records Show Frequent Contact With Mistress, Jessica Dorrell

The worst week of Bobby Petrino’s life just got worse.

We thought that by him getting fired yesterday (unjustifiably, if you ask me) was the end of the story. Of course that was preceded by his motorcycle accident, the revelation that he had a young lady on the back, him admitting that he cheated on his wife and subsequently being placed on administrative leave by Arkansas.

But now, for some reason, his phone records have been released and they indicate that he was in frequent contact with mistress, Jessica Dorrell. I mean, it’s not that surprising because you would expect someone to be in frequent contact with his side-thing. I don’t think Petrino should’ve been fired, but he isn’t the smartest guy around either. Why would he communicate with her on his university issued cell phone?

From AP on

Six months of telephone records show that former Arkansas coach Bobby Petrino was in frequent contact with his mistress, including conversations before their motorcycle crash that led to his firing.

Petrino’s university cell phone records were obtained Wednesday by The Associated Press through a Freedom of Information Act request. They show that on April 1, Petrino and Jessica Dorrell talked for 16 minutes in the early afternoon before Petrino’s 6:45 p.m. crash with Dorrell aboard. His attempt to cover up her presence and their relationship led to his firing Tuesday night.

The records also show that Petrino had a 22-minute conversation with Dorrell the day following the accident. The 51-year-old Petrino hired the 25-year-old Dorrell on March 28. The records released date to Sept. 12, and they show Petrino called Dorrell as far back as that day.

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