NBA — 09 April 2012
Mavericks and Lamar Odom Part Ways

When Lamar Odom was traded to New Orleans, along with Pau Gasol, for Chris Paul, it came as a shock to many. But it was even more shocking when the trade was vetoed by David Stern. When that happened, Odom immediately started to pout on Twitter. It sounded to me like he could’ve remained a Laker (Like Pau), but instead he didn’t want to be somewhere that he wasn’t wanted.

Next thing you knew, he was in Dallas. It appeared as if that is what he wanted. But he hasn’t stopped pouting since arriving in Texas. He is the reigning Sixth Man of the Year and at times during the season it looked like he wasn’t even League material. All because he was unhappy. For being a 32-year old veteran, Lamar should know how the game works and have been able to deal with it.

The Mavericks and Lamar have split for the remainer of the season and that’s probably best for both. If you know much about Odom, you’ll know that he has had to deal with fair share of tragedies in his life, and some are suggesting that maybe that has something to do with his poor play this year. I don’t mean to sound insensitive, but I don’t buy that since he arguably had his best season last year. He simply cried his way out of Dallas.

At the end of the day Lamar showed a lack of professionalism that will only benefit his reality show. So maybe there was a method to his madness.

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  1. Not sure whats going on in Odom’s head but i don’t think the Lakers trading him to Dallas has caused him to be bitter as people say. Odom has been bounced around a lot for the player he is, with such great talent. Ever team he has showed up on he has always performed well. So that’s why I think him not playing well on Dallas has a lot to do with his family issues.

    • I think there are too many excuses being made for him. He was fine last year. He acted clown-ish in Dallas. If he goes anywhere other than the Lakers or Clippers, that team better be careful because this could happen to them too.

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