COLLEGE — 14 April 2012
Jessica Dorrell Placed on Paid Administrative Leave By Akansas

This story has taken on a life of it’s very own.

Bobby Petrino has been relieved of his duties at Arkansas, but quietly, we haven’t heard much about what will happen to his side-thing, Jessica Dorrell. Apparently, Dorrell has been placed on paid administrative leave by the university and football program, so her $55,735 annual salary is safe. For now.

This is similar to the course of action taken against Petrino. He was first placed on leave before being let go. The same will happen to Dorrell because how does it make sense for the school to keep her but fire Petrino? Not much. It’s in their best interest to was their hands of all of this entirely.  For what it’s worth, I still, however, don’t think Petrino should’ve been fired.  I mean, how bad was it if they’re still paying her?


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