LIFESTYLE — 09 March 2012
Pacquiao Facing Serious Tax Issues in the Philippines

This came out of left field. You’d figure he’s filthy rich and wouldn’t have to cut corners with taxes (if that is in fact what happened). He could actually face jail time though I highly doubt it. Either way, this is further evidence that he and Floyd will never square off. Fox Sports has more details…

Tax officials in the Philippines announced Thursday they were suing boxing star Manny Pacquiao, claiming the national hero has failed to submit documents relating to his earnings to the authorities.

The Bureau of Internal Revenue said Pacquiao stands accused of contempt charges rather than charges relating to tax evasion.

Officials said Pacquiao, who also is a lawmaker in his native country, had snubbed a routine request to hand over copies of his contracts, including documents related to fights and endorsements.

BIR regional director Rozil Lozares confirmed a criminal complaint had been filed, but added: “We haven’t reached to the point that he is evading taxes. We are asking him for copies of his contracts to different companies, which he has not given or has refused to give.”

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