MLB — 13 March 2012
“Fausto Carmona” Has False Identity Charges Dropped

Fausto Carmona… I mean, Roberto Hernandez is a clown. Now that we’ve got that out of the way, we are finding out that the false identity charges against him have been dropped. In case you missed it, Carmona has been pitching in the Bigs forever. Then, a few months ago, it was outed that his name is actually Roberto Hernandez and is older than he was letting on. That’s right, he was misrepresenting himself just like Little Leaguers do. I had no idea that professional, grown men did this sort of thing. His status with the Indians is uncertain, but if he does return he will no doubt hear it from fans both at home and on the road. has more details about this situation…

Roberto Hernandez, the pitcher formerly known as Fausto Carmona, has cleared one hurdle in his fight to return to the United States and pitch for the Indians.

Prosecutors in the Dominican Republic agreed to a deal with Hernandez on Monday to have the false identity charges against him dropped in exchange for the completion of a work program in his home country, according to The Associated Press. Hernandez remains on Major League Baseball’s restricted list.

It is not immediately clear what the latest development means for Hernandez’s potential return to the Cleveland rotation.


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